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Posted: January 17, 2020

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I was travelling between S.A. and Canada at the time. Upon my visit to Canada, I met a special someone. He became the inspiration to complete this song as it had been a work in progress for a while. Being in a long-distance relationship has its ups and downs and can be emotionally challenging. This is the concept of the song as it speaks about fighting for your love and what you are willing to do to attain that connection.

While we were trying to build a life together and make our relationship work, I found myself so immersed that I had to put pen to paper. When I started writing Q.O.Y.H., the process was fluid and everything tied together naturally. Being emotionally attached and invested is how I knew I had come up with something special, and that this would be the title track for my E.P. All the other tracks started to revolve around this song as this became the core focus.

Queen of Your Heart comes out on all digital platforms January 20th, 2020. Hope you guys love it!

Tash xoxo


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Updated: January 17, 2020

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Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog, but I’m excited for my new single to drop, and I wanted to share with you how this song came together. I wrote this one start to finish early December last year when I moved back home to Canada. I remember being in a very open and free space mentally at that time, as this felt like I was beginning a new chapter in my life. I took the opportunity to write a whole bunch of songs in that month and really let the inspiration flow…not blocking myself off from any ideas.

I started producing this track on my laptop. It had a completely different beat to begin with, and then the synth hook I created came next. At this point the track was already giving off this very sexy feel. I then came up with a vocal melody that just flowed naturally from one section to the next…I remember writing it all in one take. The lyrics took a little time, but as I kept humming the melody over and over, the chorus lyrics popped in my head: “Don’t speak, let your body do the talking”. Because I grew up in a Christian home, I was initially hesitant to run with it. I knew what the song was implying and how some would look negatively upon it. I left a lot to the imagination but the lyrics are suggestive no doubt. Then something inside me just went “screw it, life is too short to keep playing it safe”. This song is a statement to say “yes I am in touch with my sexuality and I’m not afraid to sing about it”.

So that’s basically how this song was born. The pre-production was just slightly reworked before I got into studio this year, but as with many of my songs I always revisit and changes are made. Like the rest of my upcoming “Love Confessions” EP, this track was completed at Hapy Hipi Studios, King City, ON – a beautiful multi-million dollar studio I was lucky enough to record in.

As a writer, this song has taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, express all thoughts and feelings, and to not be afraid of what others might think. Here’s to celebrating love and all aspects of it! Hope you guys love it!

“Body Talking” available on all main digital platforms 12.21.19.


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Updated: October 1, 2019

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London, Ontario has always been my first home. In December 2018, I made a giant leap and decided to move back to Canada after 10 years of living in South Africa. My goal was to get closer to a big city like Toronto for bigger opportunities. After 4 short months of being back in London, I decided to relocate to Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area. Before I even made the move, I set myself up with a booking agent. I immediately put myself out there to start performing in front of crowds once again. From open mics to busking on the street, I would do whatever it took to be heard. It was tough for me to start all over from scratch, as I left my band back in SA along with a big following of fans I had gained over the years. This transition left me feeling unsure because there are never any guarantees when it comes to following your dreams, but also hopeful, believing that this city could present the big break I’ve been waiting for in my career.

In just 4 months I managed to become a regular performer in the Port Credit/Mississauga music scene. Slowly working my way up from bars & restaurants to corporate & wedding gigs. I still busk on the side and teach guitar to pay the bills. As of right now I’m still a solo performer but in pursuit of putting a band together again. Recording some new original material has been a focus of mine. It’s been a little while since I’ve put an album out, and now I’m currently wrapping up my upcoming EP which is set to be released early 2020. Constantly writing, practicing, producing, playing shows and working behind the scenes is what I do to make it all come together, every day.

The work never stops but I am grateful to be pursing my passion and following my dreams. When you know what your purpose is, it’s all worth the risk and I can’t wait for what the future has in store.


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Posted: September 27, 2019


I was in a relationship in 2017, towards the end of my journey in South Africa. I was with a man who didn’t want to get serious, but I was still hopelessly trying to take the relationship to the next level even though he had commitment issues. I would be the only one putting in effort and pursuing him. Even though this may have been true, I was blind to the reality of it all and I wanted the relationship to last longterm. In my head I knew I couldn’t be “the one” for him but the heart wants what it wants and I fantasised about our life together. Then one day while I was sitting in my studio in SA working on production idea’s, I had this idea for a beat and once I sat down with my guitar the words started flowing out of me, and so my single “The One” off my upcoming EP was born. I guess you could say when one door closes another one opens. As this relationship ended it made me a stronger woman and lead me on the path of finding true love. 

‘THE ONE’ available 9.30.19 on iTunes, Amazon Music & Google Play.


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Updated: September 15, 2019

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Cape Town is where my solo career took off. I moved to beautiful South Africa in 2009, just after I finished high school. Without my sister by my side and leading the way, I had to quickly get out of my comfort zone and grow the confidence to put myself out there on my own. I recall walking downtown along Long Street with my guitar, checking out different venues. This is where I started doing open mics, which led to my first regular gigs.

Through a fellow musician on the scene, I got introduced to a drummer and bass player with whom I formed my first band with. They were well seasoned having performed for many years, and through some of their contacts my career started to grow rapidly. The types of gigs we played ranged from bars and clubs to wine farms, and weddings. We performed live mostly blues/funk/soul, while behind the scenes I became inspired by other genres as well.

Around this time I started song writing, and recorded my first official album, “Half Way” with the Natasha Meister Band. My first band was together for roughly 2 years, then my sound began evolving from blues to pop/rock. This led to the decision of starting a fresh new band, still under the same name but new members fit for the style.

After a few rehearsals and gigs we were ready to hit the road, and toured much of Cape Town and surrounding areas. In between all the shows we recorded a short EP called “What Goes Around” with renowned producer Theo Crous from “The Springbok Nude Girls”. Sadly my band fell apart due to politics, which obviously led to the recruitment of new members again with the same vision. We weren’t together long until the bassist left the country and my trio became an acoustic duo for a short while.

During this time I came across a manager, with whom together we formed “The Sweet Resistance”. Before even taking the band live, we recorded our first and only original pop/rock album “Where There is Hope”. This opened doors to filming professional music video’s, producing merchandise, and air play on the top radio stations with our song “Feel” charting at #1 . In 2017, we were invited to perform at arena’s in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with 2 shows opening for the band “LIVE” on their SA tour, and also hand picked as one of the bands to open for the “PIXIES” at “Rock on the Lawns”.


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Updated: September 15, 2019

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As a young girl growing up in the small town of Thorndale, Ontario, Canada, I was only 6 years old when I started falling in love with music. Being the youngest, I was close to my older sister Shari, and together we became a dynamic singing duo. Our first experience in front of an audience was in our local church where we felt truly encouraged. Also being a musician, our Swiss father predominantly played country & western music around the home. The sounds of Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson was our first real introduction to music. When Shari took on piano as her instrument, I wanted to follow in her footsteps, but it didn’t last long, and at the age of 13 I took on my fathers instrument, the guitar. After moving to London, Ontario, I started high school, and guitar became an obsession and an escape for me. After a few basic lessons from my father, I took it upon myself to continue crafting at this new skill. Constantly seeking for opportunities to perform, my sister and I entered singing competitions, entertained in senior homes, and signed up for open mics. The London Music Club was one of the first bars we stepped foot in, and the moment we were on stage was when I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After being invited back several times to perform at the venue, we became regulars. One night at the LMC, we stumbled upon a blues guitarist with his band and were soo inspired that soon after we became deeply rooted in blues music.

Now this is just the beginning of my story and I have so much more to share with you. I hope you will continue to follow my blogs to learn more about me.

Tash  xoxo