I was in a relationship in 2017, towards the end of my journey in South Africa. I was with a man who didn’t want to get serious, but I was still hopelessly trying to take the relationship to the next level even though he had commitment issues. I would be the only one putting in effort and pursuing him. Even though this may have been true, I was blind to the reality of it all and I wanted the relationship to last longterm. In my head I knew I couldn’t be “the one” for him but the heart wants what it wants and I fantasised about our life together. Then one day while I was sitting in my studio in SA working on production idea’s, I had this idea for a beat and once I sat down with my guitar the words started flowing out of me, and so my single “The One” off my upcoming EP was born. I guess you could say when one door closes another one opens. As this relationship ended it made me a stronger woman and lead me on the path of finding true love. 

‘THE ONE’ available 9.30.19 on iTunes, Amazon Music & Google Play.