I was in a relationship in 2017, towards the end of my journey in South Africa. I was with a man who didn’t want to get serious, but I was still hopelessly trying to take the relationship to the next level even though he had commitment issues. I would be the only one putting in effort and pursuing him. Even though this may have been true, I was blind to the reality of it all and I wanted the relationship to last longterm. In my head I knew I couldn’t be “the one” for him but the heart wants what it wants and I fantasised about our life together. Then one day while I was sitting in my studio in SA working on production idea’s, I had this idea for a beat and once I sat down with my guitar the words started flowing out of me, and so my single “The One” off my upcoming EP was born. I guess you could say when one door closes another one opens. As this relationship ended it made me a stronger woman and lead me on the path of finding true love. 

‘THE ONE’ available 9.30.19 on iTunes, Amazon Music & Google Play.

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  1. Well it’s a good thing to be so honest with yourself and with your audience. It’s only through that kind of honesty that we can really write something deeply sincere without trying to hook the listener, but instead to pour out your heart and they just get caught up in the flow of that magnificent river. That’s what can make a song great.

  2. Natasha, I am so glad to hear that you moved on from that relationship and are searching for true love now! This makes my heart happy for you and of course the authenticity to song writing, lyrics and style of music is reflected in your honest approach to sharing your true story on your blog. I knew you personally as a friend in Cape Town a few years ago so thank you for all the cool parties, functions and gigs where you played and sang and inspired us all with your stunningly beautiful and timeless voice! Your transition to rock only added more feathers to your bow and gave you a rad sound too! You deserve the best in life and to find true love and to be truly happy! I hope that you are enjoying being back in Canada and that you make the most of the North American music scene too! With much love from sunny Cape Town! Cheers, Thomas.

    • Thanks for much Thomas. Your comment is heart warming and much appreciated. Thank you for your support throughout my journey. Regards from cold and wintery Canada 😉

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