I was travelling between S.A. and Canada at the time. Upon my visit to Canada, I met a special someone. He became the inspiration to complete this song as it had been a work in progress for a while. Being in a long-distance relationship has its ups and downs and can be emotionally challenging. This is the concept of the song as it speaks about fighting for your love and what you are willing to do to attain that connection.

While we were trying to build a life together and make our relationship work, I found myself so immersed that I had to put pen to paper. When I started writing Q.O.Y.H., the process was fluid and everything tied together naturally. Being emotionally attached and invested is how I knew I had come up with something special, and that this would be the title track for my E.P. All the other tracks started to revolve around this song as this became the core focus.

Queen of Your Heart comes out on all digital platforms January 20th, 2020. Hope you guys love it!

Tash xoxo